MapWinGIS with MapWindow 4.8.8

Is it possible to use MapWingis 4.9* with the old Mapwindows 4.8? We have the old EPA Basins program and would like to see if we can upgrade it with the latest MapWingis. Where can I also get the src/build of MW 4.8.8. Thanks.

It depends if the old EPA Basins program uses a manifest file to point to the MapWinGIS binaries or if it is relying on the COM-object to be registered.

When a manifest is used you can install multiple versions of the EPA Basins program in different folders all pointing to a different version of MapWinGIS.
But several API changes have been made since v4.8.8 so I doubt Basins will work with newer versions of MapWinGIS.

I think the EPA Basins installer should come with the correct MapWinGIS version but if you want to get the installer, you can get it from the MapWinGIS GIT Repository.
Since v4.8.8 we’ve changed to several code repositories and release workflows, making it impossible to get the source code back for v4.8.8.

It might be easier (at least better) to upgrade Basins to use the latest version of MapWinGIS.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. Basins us relying on the registered COM-object. BASINS uses Mapwindow 4.8.6. Don’t think it is using a manifest file.
and MapWingis.ocx 4.8.6. The Basin routines are plugins and I guess Mapwindows was just re-branded. If we upgrade to the latest MapWinGIS, can we still re-work MapWindows 4.8.6. It’ nice to use the latest MW5 but would have licensing issues if we use syncfusion controls. And also problem of re-writing Basins plugin in MW5. Would there be option for a MW5 UI not using syncfusion. I check syncfusion site and seems the free community license is no longer available and as an organization EPA may not quality for the free license. We still rely heavily on BASINS for modeling work and training states on watershed/water quality model building.

Any thoughts on moving forward with BASINS?

Hi Glenn,

When we moved to Syncfusion I asked about the licensing issues. As long as the plug-ins don’t distribute the Syncfusion binaries it is OK to use Syncfusion components.
Therefor we created a MapWindowForm which uses the Syncfusion components and which can be reused in plug-ins. The same we can do for other Syncfusion components you want to use.
So that should not be a problem.

We have a MW5 template plug-in which you can use to start with. Then you have the ‘connection’ with MW5 Desktop. Then you can include the Basins projects (can even be VB.NET) in your plug-in solution and call Basins methods from the plug-in.
Probably you need an additional project to act as an intermediary between the MW5 objects and the Basins object.

It will be a lot of work, but I think it will be doable.
Are you one of the developers of Basins? In the past, I’ve worked with Jack and Paul from AquaTerra.
I can help again if needed.

thanks Paul. ill experiment with MW5. Not really a developer but can read/write VB & C# (more of a numerical modeler). Also currently taking the lead to maintain Basins in EPA and looking for ways to move forward. We still heavily use it in our regional programs. Maybe can convert Basins objects to work with MW5. Just looking at D4EM download and Taudem plugins necessary stuff for the watershed model building plugins in Basins/MW4. If i run into problems I’ll take your offer of some help.

EPA still work with Aquaterra now a division of RESPEC and i do work Paul D. on Basins. Think Jack retired.

The TauDEM plugins have not been added to MW5 yet. Basically, in MW4 the TauDEM executables where called with some parameters.
I believe the TauDEM library can now be linked to MapWinGIS directly making it more robust, better performing and easier to use.
Our current C++ lead developer is from the USA, perhaps you could combine the C++ efforts with him. He is also a great C# developer and has a lot of knowledge about VB.NET.

trying to compile MW5 in VS15 but have errors with property syntax Capture
also a lot with metadata like

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error CS0006 Metadata file ‘D:\Dev2\MW5-5.4.1SRC\src\MW5.Api\bin\x86\Debug\MW5.Api.dll’ could not be found MW5.Plugins D:\Dev2\MW5-5.4.1SRC\src\MW5.Plugins\CSC 1 Active

You do have installed and registered MapWinGIS (the ocx) first?
Try building for Debug|Win32 first.

thanks Paul. I installed MW5 so it should register MWGIS right.

No, MW5 is not registering the ocx, because it uses a manifest file to point to the location of mapwingis.ocx.
This way you can run multiple version of MW5 on 1 pc.

Visual studio cannot use this manifest file, it relies on the registry values.
Therefore you need to register mapwingis.ocx manually or install the MapWinGIS installer.

You need to run this command

regsvr32 /s MapWinGIS.ocx

in the folder that holds the ocx. And make sure you run the command as Admin.

You can also copy this file (regMapWinGIS.cmd) in your folder and run it as Admin.