Geometric Network Tracing

I would like to create Plugin tool for geometric downstream tracing tool. Can you show some example code for the plugin.

On Github we have a template plugin:

Did you try that one. It will give you some sample code, like adding a menu item, showing a form and creating a tool for the toolbox.

Thanks for your reply. Yes i’m using the Template plugin.

When you are using the template you should get a lot of examples.

Can you be more specific on where you need help for?

I have involved in developing geometric tracing such as poles , transformers and Transmission lines should be selected based on Network tracing… Like shortest path, routes analysis…

Shortest path and route analysis is not part of MapWindow5 or MapWinGIS.
You could use pgRouting together with a PostGIS database.
MW5 can connect to such a database and show you the data.