Mapwingis and Mapcontrol of Devexpress?

Should I use Mapwingis or Mapcontrol of Devexpress?
Everyone show me different betwent them?

Hello @bachho692

I am not at all experienced with the DevExpress map control. It looks like a very capable control. The differences may be:

  1. It is a Windows Forms based control, while MapWinGIS is a COM-based (ActiveX) control. A COM control can be used from a wide variety of development tools, not just WinForms. (this includes Office apps, Delphi, and perhaps tools like Progress, DBase). If you’re only using it in a WinForms app, then perhaps you don’t need MapWinGIS.
  2. You have to pay a licensing fee for the DevExpress tool, whereas you don’t for MapWinGIS. Perhaps you get what you pay for, as their tools may be better maintained, but you do have to pay for it.