MapWinGIS on ARM PCs?

Hi Paul et al!

I just tried installing MapWinGIS (64-bit version) on my Windows ARM VM on my Apple Macbook. The Installation program eventually refused to run, noting that it required a processor with x64 architecture. I’m wondering if this is a fundamental problem with MapWinGIS or whether (hopefully!) it is just the installation program being picky. I know there are options in Installshield for example that let you tie the installer to particular platforms, which can be easily disabled. Also, I am still using v5.2.4 of MapWinGIS - perhaps this was changed in v5.3?

By the way, my own app that connects to MapWinGIS is pretty complex but FYI, it seems to run quite happily (if a bit more slowly) within the ARM version of Windows.

Being able to do this would be great for those of us who use Windows on more modern Macs, and I guess Microsoft is generally pushing ARM-based PCs these days.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Charlie Heaps, SEI