Mapwingis x32 and mapwingis x64

Can I have mapwingis x32 and mapwingis x64 installed on the same machine?

Hello @Emmanuel

You can presumably install both of them on the same machine if you specify different install locations. HOWEVER, only one of them can be registered at any given time since they share the same COM GUIDs in the registry. Therefore, whichever one was installed last will be the one that is currently in effect, and to switch between the two you would have to unregister the one and register the other.

Understand that to develop in Visual Studio, you have to be using the 32-bit version, but you can then compile for 64-bits and run the executable on a machine that has the 64-bit OCX registered.

I hope that helps.



Hi Jerry,
Is it still true that only 32bit MWG can be used with VS? That is, can VS 64bit load a 64bit MWG in the designer?

Hello @rhoward

I don’t know the answer, and I admittedly have not tried it. But historically, Visual studio could not load an OCX into the designer of a 64-bit app. And my understanding was that you design your app in 32-bit, then when you’re ready, build a 64-bit version of the app. Then you presumably have to have the 64-bit OCX registered when running the app.

Hope that helps.

64bit MWG is working great in VS 2022 64bit. Designer, toolbox all fine. Thanks Jerry.