Possible read Mapinfo file

Hello everyone.

I have a MID and MIF files. I need to analyze for the intersection of polygons with another shape file.
Is it possible to read the MID/MIF Mapinfo file?


We use GDAL for most formats and they can open it: MapInfo TAB and MIF/MID — GDAL documentation
I haven’t tried with MapWinGIS but I assume it should work.

Does your file contain vector or raster data?
Perhaps you can use one of the translation method the translate it to a more common file format like GTiff or Shapefile: MapWinGIS: GdalUtils Class Reference

Hello Paul.
My file contain vector or raster data.
I did this

Set SF = Utils.OGRLayerToShapefile("D:\mapinfo.mif", SHP_POLYGON)

and so far it works.