Using MapWinGIS in MFC


Hello Friends,
I tried to develop program in MFC using MapWinGIS activeX control.
I used Class wizad to add new class of MFC by this toturial Add a class from an ActiveX control
A new class added to Program. I can use some method such as PixelsPerDegree,…
But when i tried to add some file to map control using method AddLayerFromFilename, the program is running but alert “Type mismatch”.
Please, help me.


Hello @WinterNguyen

Could you attach the section of code you are using to add the Layer? Perhaps we can see what is happening. Thank you.



I tried to attach. But it falied. I think that something must be configured for project because mapwingis used external library such as gdal,…


You can also paste the relevant code in the reply.
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You can also just paste in your code, select it and use the button </> to format your code.

This is a code line
And this one as well