Last version compatible VB6

What is the latest version that can be used with VB6? Thanks :slight_smile:

Because it is an ActiveX control all versions should be compatible with VB6.

But do you really want to create a VB6 application?
Can’t you move to VB.NET. It will make your work much easier :wink:

i’m using Windows 7 and with version 4.9.x its all right.
If I instal MapWingis 5.xx i don’t find Control in VB6.Components… How can i use it?

My project (wrote in many years work with MW 4.7…) is 20 forms, 15modules, 4calsses an 22userControl…
conversion in VB.NET is not exatly “easier” :wink:

Hello @PaoloM

I can’t say why it’s not showing up in the Components list. Even so, when opening an existing project that has a reference to an earlier version of a component, VB6 will automatically update the version within the Project and Form files. Since the GUIDs are the same, VB should see the newly installed OCX (although you may want to make sure the files are not read-only when you open them).

Another option might be to open the previous Project and Forms in a text editor, like Notepad or similar, and just add/change the references in the files.

Within the Project (vbp), you should see something like
Object={C368D713-CC5F-40ED-9F53-F84FE197B96A}#5.2#0; MapWinGIS.ocx

and within the Form (frm), you should see something like
Object = “{C368D713-CC5F-40ED-9F53-F84FE197B96A}#5.2#0”; “MapWinGIS.ocx”

Set the version number based on the OCX you have installed; just don’t enter a number that is higher than the version you have installed.

I hope that helps.

Hi @PaoloM
I was in the same situation. Register the OCX manually using regsvr32 as any other OCX/DLL you wrote in VB6

First unreg the old one and then register the new install MapWinGIS-only-v5.0.1.0-Win32 and execute : c:\dev\regsvr32 MapWinGis.ocx.
I recive a message about compatibility in 32bit or 64bit and not resolve my problem.
Can you expolain me your istallation sequence? :slight_smile:

MapWinGIS-only-v5.3.0.0-Win32-VS2017 is the latest one
And the reg command is:
regsvr32 C:\dev\MapWinGIS\MapWinGis.ocx

or update this lines into regMapWinGIS.cmd

REM Unregister any previous versions:
regsvr32 /u C:\dev\MapWinGIS\MapWinGis.ocx
REM Register current version:
regsvr32 C:\dev\MapWinGIS\MapWinGis.ocx

you can use only the OCX name, but remember copy it into SYSTEM32 directory

registration complete:

Map version at VB6