MapWinGIS in Access Form

Hi. I have an access form with a MapObjects Map Control in it. I want to change to MapWinGIS. I downloaded the latest version (32 bit) and it registered correctly. I was able to load it onto my form and it has the class: MAPWINGIS.Map.1. However, when using the Map in vba, the intellisense is not showing any of the methods. I also loaded it into VB.Net 2015 Windows form and then the intellisense shows correctly. Neither of then are showing anything that starts with get_ or set_ eg RdCentreLineShp.set_ShapeCategory 0, 0 for a shape file does not work. Please can someone advise and also are there any examples in vba.

Thank you

Hello @Colleen, and welcome.

  1. I can’t say how to get Intellisense in Access. We have information on adding extended Intellisense in the Visual Studio environment (in Section B of the Getting Started guide). It may or may not help.
  2. Regarding the get_ and set_ prefixes, those are generally exposed to the c# or c++ world as two separate methods, but in the VB world (and I think the VBA world), they are [usually] dropped. Some day I’ll take the time to determine why there are differences, but notice the following example (from VB .Net).


Getting the reference to the Shapefile from the Map control uses the get_ prefix, but from the Shapefile class, you can get/set the ShapeCategory without using the prefex. It may simply be the difference of the OCX vs the class library functions. But no matter, you can try using the properties without the prefix.

  1. Finally, regarding examples in VBA, you can search this forum (but there’s not much). There are a few Office-based users out there and perhaps you would find some previously posted issues, or perhaps they will see your requests.


Thanks for the information

Good morning. I have a small problem with the activation of the plugins and especially the plugin to delimit hydrographic basins.

I have the version of MapWindow 5.6.4

Very few plugins appear and I don’t know how to activate them, what can I do?
I would greatly appreciate your help