Recompile app as 64 bit

Dear sirs

I developed some C# 32 bit application based on your MapWinGIS.ocx component.
It works well.
Now I have some reasons to recompile it to 64 bit application.
I tried to do it on another computer where installed 64-bit MapWinGis.
Failed to do it. One of the reasons is absence of AxInterop.MapWinGIS.dll that I should have reference to. Could you give me a clue what should I do in order to recompile my application as 64 bit one?

Best regards

Sorry for this late reply. We completely missed your question.
When you download the x64-bit version of MapWinGIS v5.3 the correct AxInterop.MapWinGIS.dll is shipped.
It should be in the folder where you installed MapWinGIS.

Please let me know if this solves your issue.

Dear Paul

Thank you very much for your response.
Soon I’ll be recompiling my application and then I’ll ask you in case problems arise if you do not mind.