Some cells/points not showing in GeoTiff display


I think there is a problem in MapWinGIS in handling GeoTiff files. The problem I have is that when I add a geotiff to the map, only some of the cells are shown. I attach an example project.

If you run the project you will see two small areas of cells. Zoom into, say the two most upper left visible cells, so that they are a decent size. If you then pan, downwards, so that a small part of the bottommost cell is just slightly below the window extents (and let go) - you’ll see more cells appear along that edge that previously weren’t appearing.

I am using MapWinGIS 5.3, VS 2022. The geotiff looks ok in QGIS.


Rob (681.8 KB)

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Just bumping this problem as it’s becoming a bit time critical for us. Anyone have any ideas?

It’s very reproducible with the project I previously attached.