TMS server for aerial image

I am trying to get an aerial image for the background of my MapWindows5 project. Under TMS Servers, Default, the only one that displays anything on the screen is Open Street Map. When I click on the other default servers I get a message stating “TMS provider was added to the map as a base layer:MapQuest Aerial” or the name for the server I clicked. But I do not get any imagery in my project. I can still see my data layers.

Any help to get the other servers to display would be appreciated. Thank you!

If you want to use aerial images, for example from the Bing Maps service, then you need to get a special key and insert it into MapWindow5.
Getting a Bing Maps Key

Hi @SJohnson did the answer of @Walery solved your problem?
If so I will close this question.

Thanks. Go ahead and close my tickets. I’ve had to work on other projects. I will start a new ticket when/if questions come up again.