[Tutorial] Compiling MWGis in VS2017

In this video, I show how you can compile MapWinGIS using VS2017.

The links I used are:

Do remember you need the 32-bit version of the ocx to debug it and to add it to your WinForm application,
because Visual Studio does not support 64-bit ActiveX controls.

is there a video too for mapwindow5 compilation. thanks-glenn

Hi Glen,

I have not yet made such a video.
Compiling MW5 is a bit more complicated because you also need to install the Syncfusion Community WinForms binaries.
When those are installed and MapWinGIS is properly registered, you should be able to compile MW5.

Are you running into problems compiling MW5?
It also might be best to not alter MW5 but create a pull request (against the develop-branch) so we can implement your change in the code. And when you want to add some custom functionality it might be better to create a plug-in. We have a template plug-in to get you started.

Hi Paul,

I installed Syncfusion community binaries and run into problems compiling MW5 in VS15.
Just clone the develop branch and tried compiling. I got MW5 installed so MapWingis is registered.

Am just interested in plugin development but tried also to compile MW5. Planning to do plugins for D4EM and Taudem just like in Basins.

What errors do you get while compiling MW5?
It might help to try to compile each project seperate.
And did you install and register the 32-Bit version of MWGis?

Hi Paul,

Yes I registered the ocx. Here’s some of the errors I got

Hi @gpf,

I completely missed your reply.

Looking at your screenshot it seems like your Visual Studio doesn’t like the new C#7 syntax.
Which version of Visual Studio are you using? Can you upgrade to VS2017?

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