Toolbox Contour option missins

Hello there,

I reinstalled MW5 x64 now and I can no longer find in the toolbox the generate contour option.
I already reinstalled the program one time and the plugins 4 times. No change…
Does anyone know what might be going on:-?


tried the x32 MW5 and also nothing.
Them I went to the 4881 and same thing.
I had the 4…something lower before and it crashed but had the SO VERY important contour generation from grids.
Is it a mistake, is it hidden under a different name now or was it left out intentionally?
Can anyone shed me some light?
I am running contour in other app and bringing into MW


Sorry for the late reply.
Do you mean the Polygonize grid tool:

Or the GenerateContour tool. Which I see is no longer implemented in MW5 and needs to be updated in MapWinGIS: MWGIS-241: Implement GDALContourGenerate as a function